Let’s be honest, the Bible is not a straightforward book! Sometimes, it’s just hard to understand how to read and apply it and although it comes with a great pedigree and promises much, when we read it we have to overcome the huge hurdles of Time, Space and Culture. Let us help you on that journey…

what we do

“The Stones Cry Out are dedicated to helping people understand the power of God’s Word in its original Ancient Near Eastern context, so that they can make an impact in theirs.”

British Museum

Join us on a voyage of Bible Discovery as we immerse ourselves in the Ancient Near Eastern World by exploring the amazing collection of biblical artefacts curated by the British Museum, London.

Encounter: Israel

St Jerome declared that the physical land of Israel was the key to unlocking the gospels. Journey with us to Israel to encounter the History, Geography Culture and Messiah at the heart of God’s big story.

Live Seminars

Nothing quite beats quality, interactive, Holy Spirit empowered teaching. So why not request one of our experienced speakers to lead, host, teach or preach at your institution or event?

Online Courses

‘In Rhythm with God: Reading the Bible through Hebrew Eyes’ Is a developing catalogue of modular courses that work together to help you really ‘get’ the Bible in the world it was written.


We have taken time to curate a collection of great resources that we have discovered and produced to help you get ‘under the skin’ of the Bible. Come and explore these keys to fresh understanding.


Delve into our collection of free accessible articles & video teaching to help you explore the Historical, Geographical and Cultural backdrop of the scriptures. Feel free to read, watch and share.

Our Latest Work

Along with the relaunch of our website we have been busy during lockdown with the pre-production of our online courses.