St Jerome (347-420CE) declared that the physical land of Israel was the key to understanding the Bible. Join us as we travel to encounter the History, Geography, Culture and Messiah at the heart of God’s Big Story. 


At the heart of the Christian faith is the invitation to journey with the God of Encounter. Join us as we venture with Him…

We recognise that for many people this kind of trip is a ‘Once In A Lifetime’ event. So, Encounter: Israel has been carefully shaped to give you the best possible Bible Lands encounter. We take time to orientate you to the sweeping geography and history of God’s big story. We then add to the mix Traditional Sacred Spaces, Old and New Testament sites, Bible Museums, Time to worship and meet with God, Teaching developed and delivered by TSCO, comfortable hotels, great food, shopping and floating in the Dead Sea!


Place your feet in the dust where milk and honey flows, heroes of old conquered, idols infiltrated, armies besieged and ‘God in Flesh’ walked. See for yourself how the land staged, shaped, and now illuminates His-story.


Beneath the modern streets and buildings of Israel and inside the ancient places of worship, hide some of the most amazing archaeological discoveries. The Stones really do Cry Out. You no longer have to imagine the world of the Bible – Now you can ‘Encounter’ it.


Our passion for your ‘Encounter’ trip is to provide a grounded experience that will help you to recalibrate your faith, in light of the geography, archaeology and culture of the land in which it was birthed. Come and experience Jesus with more colour, nuance and depth than you ever imagined


Take the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Jesus himself and the millions of pilgrims who have made this journey over the millennia. A deliberate journey with the goal of Encounter will always result in fresh and deeper levels of praise and worship.


Working in partnership with McCabe, one of the UK’s longest established pilgrimage companies, we have created a comprehensive package that is sure to give you the ‘Trip of a Lifetime’. There’s no roughing it in bunk houses on this trip. All the practical details have been covered so that you can focus on the goal of your trip… Encounter.

BA Flights

3 & 4* Hotels

Full Board Meals

Air Conditioned Coach

Teaching by TSCO Staff

Local Christian Tour-guide

Wireless Tour-guide System

Iconic Sites

Shopping Opportunities

Entrance Fees & Tips Covered

A story 4000 years in the making

There is something quite extraordinary about the land of Israel. At almost every turn you can touch and see history that stretches back to the time of our father in faith, Abraham.


Scratch the surface of the dust anywhere in the land and you will discover the material remains of the story that has shaped our history for millennia. It is a story we think we know so well and yet even with scripture we only see it in soft focus.

Ancient Near Eastern historian and theologian Kenneth Bailey once said:

‘The Bible is an Eastern book. We see it through the coloured glasses of Western Culture. Much of it is lost. We miss the subtleties of humour and many of the underlying assumptions. We do not understand the ingrained attitudes that illuminate a story or illustration…. what lies between the lines, what is felt and not spoken is of deepest significance.’

Placing your feet in the land opens an experiential backdrop to this great story making the stories pop in 3D. Join us for a fresh Encounter with with the Lord of history, Jesus of Nazareth.