Journey With Us...

…as we travel through the sands of time and immerse ourselves in the places, peoples, events & cultures that traverse the most sacred of ancient scriptures – The Bible.

Having taken a short time to orientate ourselves to the empires, cultures and languages of the Ancient Near East we emerge from the tempest of the biblical flood into Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilisation.



We pass through Babel, the Great Rebellion and the dispersion of nations, as we discover the origins of pagan idolatry and the worship of sun, moon and stars.



Onwards to Ur of the Chaldeans, where we see the cultural sophistication, advancement and idolatry that Abram abandoned to follow the call of God and an unknown future.



We twist and turn through the culture of Egypt – back drop for the stories of Abraham, Joseph, 400 years sojourning, the pharaohs, the descent into slavery and the defining moment for the Israelites… the Exodus.



We pick up the trail in the conquest of Canaan as the Israelites enter the land of promise; we walk through the generations as Judges and Kings preside and Prophets warn, as the nation sinks into the idolatry that will tear it in two.



We travel next to ancient Assyria as she first subjugates and then destroys the 10 tribes of Israel only to return and try and repeat the episode with nation of Judah in the south.



We examine the fulfilment of prophecy as Assyrian Nineveh is defeated and destroyed by the Babylonians, who then in turn lay siege to Jerusalem, take Judah captive and destroy the Temple.



We discover the Babylonian evidence that verifies the authenticity of Daniel’s prophecies and view the artefacts that explain the Persian release of the exiled Jews to rebuild the walls and Temple of Jerusalem. We also consider the fate of those like Esther, who remained under the rule of the Persian Empire.



We conclude by walking through the inter-testamental period as the scenery is arranged for the most amazing story ever told… the birth of the Christ and the inauguration of His Kingdom.